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From floods that wipe out civilisations to bubbling pools that invite happy swimmers, water has inspired writers of every genre and age. ‘Full fathom five thy father lies’, ‘not waving but drowning’, ‘water, water, everywhere’: it is not surprising that many of literature’s most memorable lines are liquid. Performed by John Maytham, compiled by Finuala Dowling and drawing on a range of authors from Shakespeare to V.S. Naipaul, Water is a literary celebration of the transparent substance that covers most of Earth and engenders all that lives.

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John performed the script recently and received these reviews:

‘Sheer enjoyment’

‘Superb performance’

‘Pure pleasure’

‘A great experience!

‘Very moving’

‘It was a magical experience, beautifully presented…

‘Wonderful rendition’

‘It was uplifting

‘Brilliant presentation’

‘It was inspiring’

‘John is simply the best’

‘It was excellent – best of all the monologues!’

‘Delightful. Totally unexpected’

‘Lifted my spirits – laughter & awe!’