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The Moon Within, The Moon Without… Dorian Haarhoff, Marguerite (Osler) van der Merwe, Peter Fox, Gerald Steward)

There is a Moon inside every human being. Learn to be companions with it (Rumi)

Join us, the quartet… er quarters of the moon (not sure which of us is which) for poems, songs, serenades, lunar insights, a lyrical romp, a jumping cow … who knows?  Two old festival moons and two new moons appear in the McGregor sky.

MARGUERITE (OSLER) VAN DER MERWE:  Immersed in health and soul, in body, mind and spirit. I seek the path to intelligent, conscious, skilful living. I am passionate about the Arts, education, and Gaia, our earth….honouring the poets that inspire & teach us.

PETER FOX: Passionate about authentic truth and inner freedom arising through layers of prejudice and fearful self-condemnations. I am drawn to ponder and celebrate beauty in music, words movement and art . I believe in the regenerative value of solitude and silence, shadow and shade.

GERALD STEWARD: I go with Rilke the beautiful who asks: “What mystery breaks over me now? In its shadow I come to life.” So did I find poetry? I think not, it found me. I believe certainty defeats and denies the alliance of mystery, meditation and silence.

DORIAN HAARHOFF: poetry? A guiding moon, a mentor influence for many moons. Seeking the moon inside brings forth the quintessential me. Now at three quarters I’d love to make a full moon hundred. “The lunatic, the lover and the poet are of imagination all compact.”  (Shakespeare)

Venue: The-Well at Temenos


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