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Dakini Tongues – Anne Graaff, Tessa Graaff and Monica Graaff

The Dakinis in Eastern thought are synonymous with yoginis and refer to ‘furies’ or goddesses with magical powers, sometimes akin to witches. They fall into two types – those still in the world and those who have passed out of the world and include a group called the goddesses of wisdom. The reading will include poetic texts that point to the mythical wisdom of female and goddesses energy from east and west: Anne will be reading poetic extracts from her artist’s book, The Books of Coincidence, which re-invent and re-interpret the goddess energy of ancient religions for contemporary times. Visuals from the book will concurrently be exhibited.

The McGregor festival reading from the poetic text of The Books of Coincidence is a precursor to a multi media presentation, in collaboration with composer Christopher Culpo, to be performed at the Bowed Electrons 2019 electro-acoustic music festival at UCT and Wits, August 25th and 28th. The work, in full, will encompass piano, electronics, video projected artists book, and the reading of the poetic text. www.sacmmt.com

Anne is a writer and artist currently living in France.

Tessa will be reading poetic extracts from Mataji, an Indian female deity. Tessa is the director of the Montebello Design Centre in Cape Town and a practicing artist.

Monica will be reading her edgy poetic text challenging the suppression of the feminine voice and way of being. Monica is a journalist who also teaches writing workshops.

Venue: The Little Way Chapel at Temenos


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