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Poetry from Ukraine by Oksana Kutsenko (Rozumna)

Oksana Kutsenko (Rozumna) and Patricia Schonstein read bilingually

Since we have decided to focus on the Moon, I would like to perform my poetry regarding my personally “from far away” from my mother land. Globalization gives us an opportunity to be observers, like the Moon. The observers of our history, of our places, of our people and relationship. I would express such as important vision through my poetry to be performed at Poetry in McGregor stage. I propose to read from 4 to 6 poems already translated into English. Also, I can perform some of them in Ukrainian. Patricia Schonstein will be joining me in this presentation to do the English translations.

Oksana Kutsenko (Rozumna), a Ukrainian poet who currently lives in SA. Her poetry reflects upon the issues of peace and ecology, women in history and culture, refugees and homecoming. The poet has been performing on literary scenes of Ukraine and South Africa. Books: In the Winters of Wishes. Poems (1996), Ballet School. Poems (2007), Baked apples. A story for children (2015). Chrysalides. Poems (2016).

Patricia Schonstein is a published novelist, poet, author of children’s books and curator of anthologies.

Venue: La Galleria


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