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Shifting Phases – The Creative Sisterhood (Jane De Sousa, Carri Kuhn, Clare Manicom and Sue Woodward)

An exploration through poetry of the different aspects of feminine energy – nurturing and containing, creative and playful, fierce and protective, wild and free, and mysterious. A look at a woman’s choice to shift between and give centre stage to different aspects of feminine energy throughout her life. The presentation will be linked to the different phases of the moon through images of the moon’s shifting presence in the night sky.

Carri Kuhn has always loved words, especially when they are crafted with care and precision. For her, poetry is a way to see into and make sense of our essential human experience.

Clare Manicom enjoys exploring her creative sides which are flourishing since she left formal employment! Her own experiences and observations form the foundation for her poetry.

Sue Woodward is a writer and editor of educational material and children’s fiction. She is passionate about poetry as a creative discipline.

Jane De Sousa is an organisational development consultant, trainer and yoga teacher. Her poetry is a way of reflecting on and processing her life experience – from the mundane to the overwhelming.

Venue: Wahnfried


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