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Stomme Jonge Poetry Club (Jennifer Pape and Tom Dreyer)

Twee van ons digters lees gedigte uit hul digbundels-in-wording, asook twee blitsgedigte oor ‘n onderwerp wat deur die gehoor gekies gaan word.


In addition to her role as founder and convener of the Stomme Jonge Poetry Club, Jennifer Pape is a web designer for New Contrast Magazine and Dryad Press. Her reading will be drawn from a poetry collection, Vrystaat Menagerie, currently under development with NB Publishers. This collection of Afrikaans poems takes its inspiration from the work of Jorge Luis Borges, especially The book of imaginary beings. The poems are woven through with observations on animals, nature, love and loss – an exploration of the inner landscape.

Tom Dreyer is an award winning novelist and poet writing in both English and Afrikaans. He holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town and is an alumnus of the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa. His latest novel, The Long Wave / Dorado (2016) was longlisted for the Sunday Times Literary Award and shortlisted for the University of Johannesburg Prize and the KykNet/Rapport Prize. Tom will read a selection of poems from a forthcoming collection that investigates our situatedness in time and space, and the concomitant circles of joy, loss, longing and expectation. Just as memory informs our experience of the present, so the places we once called home, give texture and resonance to our surroundings. It is from this spatial and temporal interplay that lived experience is born – in a manner evocative of that old alchemical maxim “as above, so below”, the notion that whatever happens in one level of reality ultimately find expression on all levels.

Website: www.tomdreyer.com

Venue: Chalice at Temenos



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