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A Magdala Circle – for Raising Poets – Vivien Claire

As night falls come gather round the well in a Magdala conversation circle to deepening your sense of belonging in a  community of poetry lovers.  Join Vivien, and others, who feel awe at how much poetry in our time is rising up from the wells of feminine wisdom within us all.   We will taste some fresh forms of  ‘wisdom poetry’;  laments and blessings, and enact a  simple anointing rite to raise and renew our intention to write and live from the Heart. .  .

Vivien Claire is co-creating a Magdala in McGregor project to explore the sacred arts of creating healing and transforming rites of passage in and through our deepest crises in life.  She writes poetic blessings and laments as spiritual practices for nurturing compassion and forgiveness in fragmented relationships with ourselves and others.   She brings into this work thirty years experience of coming alongside people in crisis and listening to their deepest longings and fears. She has a body of work round contemplative listening with wisdom sayings, stories and mystical poems. To find out more see www.magdala.space .

Venue: The-Well at Temenos


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