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The Marriage of Poetry and Art -Bernard Levinson

My wife is a professional Artist. Once she has completed a painting, the painting no longer belongs to her. It belongs to you, and to me. It has to stand totally on its own. Express its own magic. Proclaim its own personal mystery. It’s at this point I am free to write a poem. This is what my soul sees..

I will project each of the paintings and read the poems written for them. I will spend a few moments discussing the other marriages between the art forms. Obvious ones like poetry and music. Unusual ones like music and art.


A play in verse. I have always been intrigued by the astounding masculine contract made between Eros and Psyche. He will come to her only at night. They will make love. At first light he will vanish. He can never be revealed….In my play a woman has to nurse her desperately ill husband in total darkness. Is it really her husband…..

There are two characters in the play. Malcolm Gooding of radio fame, will play the Surgeon, and Quinne Brown who is at this moment prominent in Afrikaans television, will play the wife of the poet who is being nursed.

Biographical sketch.

I stopped practicing Psychiatry three years ago. I needed the time and the energy to do the really important things.  Like writing and playing the saxophone. And I do just that….

Venue: Wahnfried



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