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Asof Geen Berge – Join Pieter Odendaal for a reading from his exquisite collection Asof geen berge ooit hier gewoon het nie (nominated for the 2019 Ingrid Jonker Prize as well as the 2019 Elisabeth Eybers Prize)

Asof geen berge ooit hier gewoon het nie is an exciting and intricately woven debut from the pen of a young poet. With a contemporary and relevant approach, Odendaal writes about the politics of differences in a multicultural society, nature and our ecological footprints, impermanence, being human, love, and also the recent student politics. Finally, he asks: Re mang? Who are we? And who is them?

Pieter Odendaal is a poet, translator and executive director of InZync Poetry. His poetry has appeared in Nuwe Stemme 5 (2013). Odendaal is currently working on his PhD in performance poetry as a way to promote tolerance in socio-ecological systems at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.

Venue: McGregor Backpackers


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