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These poems will be presented by a collective of poets, all of them regular performers at Off the Wall, a poetry group that has been running in Observatory, Cape Town, since 2000. The poems will explore the loss or scarcity of underappreciated resources, and of difficult emotions that have become landlocked and unavailable. They will celebrate drives and forces that have been taken for granted and ignored at our peril, but which nevertheless persist, and demand to be acknowledged and understood.

EDUARD BURLE: as been a regular contributor and reader of poems at Off the Wall Poetry Performing at A Touch of Madness in Observatory, Cape Town, since 2005.
JACQUES COETZEE: Jacques Coetzee is a musician and a freelance editor. He matriculated from the Pioneer School for the Blind in Worcester, and completed a Masters Degree in creative writing at the University of Cape Town, for which he submitted a manuscript of poems called Singing Through.
HUGH HODGE: Despite being commonly left-brained, and occasionally no-brained, I write poetry that is sometimes published. I edit poetry and mentor some poets.
TAURIQ JENKINS: Tauriq Jenkins is the founding artistic director of the Independent Theatre Movement of South Africa, and Shakespeare in Prison South Africa.
JULIA KRAMER: rearranges words in translation and poetry. Loves the outdoors.
KRIS MARAIS: Kris Marais’ unfolding poetry project, engaging with militarism, socially constructed silence and related inherited and bequeathed traumas, continues with various collaborators.
MAURA TALBOT: is an emerging confessional poet exploring ways to facilitate self-connection and personal transformation through poetry, story-telling, non-violent communication & Presencing facilitation methods.
JEAN WATERMEYER: is a scientist-turned-teacher. She wrote her first poems as a child and began reading her work in public while working in London.

Venue: Wagtail Pit