Poetry in McGregor 2021

In spite of uncertain times, we are thrilled to announce the theme for this year’s competition:


‘ Die Tuin Van die Beminde’

This year the theme for the McGregor Poetry Festival is The Garden of the Beloved, the fertile heart’s thirst for and flowering in the presence of love.

Who has not stepped off the path of the world and found themselves in the garden of the poet’s heart, singing the songs of love? Madness? Inspiration? Babbling? The gifts of a muse? Or the voice of the Beloved, rising within? Your own? Another’s? Whose?

The call to poets is to sing of love’s religion, of the landscapes and idylls of our most naked and simple reality, the human in the presence of love in all and any of its infinite forms.

Bring us your poems from ballads to odes, from songs to elegies, be they faltering, free, formal, overwhelming, or quiet and faint.

Join us in offering a fresh harvest to that great storehouse of poetry in the tradition of The Garden of the Beloved.

Whatever the soil, whatever the gardener’s philosophy, whenever the season, wherever the place, however imagined or reasoned, no matter the flowers of feelings or the towers of thoughts, in the Garden of the Beloved, just so, the leaves will be the leaves, the stems be the stems, the branches and petals and mulch and mud, the rock and the touch and the tones and colours will be, eternally, the love that astonishes us at the end and beginning of our  journey back to where we once began, and whence we will again and again set forth.  The song of the heart.  Love calling unto love.

Vanjaar se Tema: Die Tuin van die Beminde.

Wie van ons het nog nie al dwalende die gebaande pad van die wêreld verlaat en vol verwondering in die tuin van die digter beland nie? Malligheid? Inspirasie? Die roep van die muse? Of die binne-stem van die beminde? Wie het jou geroep?

Hierdie jaar is die tema van McGregor Gedigtefees Die Tuin van die Beminde. Ons nooi  digters om te sing oor alle gedaantes en aspekte van die liefde. Bring asseblief julle gedigte! Alles wat oor liefde gaan is welkom; van odes, elegieë en formele versvorm, tot vrye verse en kletsrym.

Kom deel julle vars oes van verse in die groot skuur van gedigte in die Tuin van die Beminde.

The competition is open to published and non-published poets.

There are two categories OPEN and YOUTH (writers under the age of 18).

Poems may be submitted in English and Afrikaans.

Poems should not exceed 36 lines.

Poets are invited to submit no more than two entries.

Entries are now open and may be sent to info@poetryinmcgregor.co.za   with the subject title Competition – Youth or Adult category /Your surname

CLOSING DATE is 20th July 2021.

The poems will be judged by external well-known poets, and their decision will be final.

Finalists will be announced in mid-August and winners at the launch of our 2020 Poetry in McGregor Anthology Friday 27th August 18H00.

In Gratitude From Poetry In McGregor

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