POETRY in McGREGOR  23 – 25 Aug 2019

In this our seventh year, our committee faces many challenges. As you are no doubt aware funding for the Arts in our country is dwindling. Government sponsorship is now being directed to pressing social needs. The Arts and Animal welfare are no longer priorities. Corporate companies are also under pressure to direct sponsorship to social causes if not to sport as a community building and marketing initiative. While we are registered as a Non-Profit Organisation, we unfortunately, in spite of so many attempts, cannot obtain the illusive Section 18A which entices companies to sponsor events such as ours.

We are also aware that with the economy under pressure, individuals can no longer afford to give of their time voluntarily, and understandably require reimbursement for their time and energy. Given all of the above we were faced with a difficult decision. Do we keep the flag flying or call it a day?

As chairman I am deeply aware that our Festival was initiated and supported by the shared heart of poets and poetry lovers. I am not one for throwing in the towel too readily. Challenges can be opportunities. Some of our members feel the same way and are committed to do our very best to support and to sustain our vision of an annual happy gathering of poets and poetry lovers. But we will need your support too.

The theme of this year’s poetry writing competition is The Heart of The Moon.

We invite you to take out your pens and allow poetry to challenge and open and inspire our hearts and minds.

The Poetry in McGregor Festival now enjoys NPO and PBO status. Funds derived from our event are ploughed back into The McGregor Arts Community Project where support is given to local community projects. Should you share our vision to foster and nurture the Art of Poetry we invite you to come on board with us either as patrons or as sponsors. You are welcome to email us at info@poetryinmcgregor.co.za for information regarding sponsorship opportunities.


Thank you to the following Sponsors for their support of previous Poetry in McGregor events