Dear friend of Poetry in McGregor,

It is with regret that our committee has taken the decision not to mount a big festival this September.

Due to the economic climate, companies and donors that have supported us in the past were unable to do so this year, and to frustrate matters more, our application to the National Arts Council was rejected on a purely technical error in our application. Sadly, they will not review the situation and have advised us to reapply next year.

Without the funding we were hoping for it will be impossible to mount the kind of event we were envisioning. We will however be aiming to host a full festival in 2025 and are starting fund raising now. Already, accessing funds and sponsorship seems far more likely.

Next year our country will also be celebrating the centenary of Afrikaans being an official language. Our committee is hoping to join in the festivities by encouraging and celebrating the rich poetic history and diversity of the Afrikaans language.

For those who may be disappointed and who do enjoy coming to McGregor each year, we have decided, on the weekend of 6th – 8th September, to host a gathering of friends of Poetry In McGregor. Our weekend will include:

  • Anthology 2023 Launch. Each visiting poet will be invited to read their contribution.
  • Celebrating a Decade of Poetry In McGregor. Reading of poems from the festivals 2013 – 2023.Poets will be invited to read their own works from 10 years of Poetry In McGregor Anthologies.
  • A dinner with poetry at Tebaldi’s.
  • A relaxed Open Mic session during which poets can read their latest work.
  • Poetry Meditation in the Little Way.
  • Some poetry reading events still to be confirmed, which celebrate the spirit of Poetry In McGregor.

The programme for the 6th – 8th Poetry In McGregor Gathering will be published

15th July 2024

We do hope very much to welcome some of you to our friendly gathering.

All submissions received by 31 May 2024 will be held over until next year and the Festival Coordinator will be in touch during June to confirm receipt of submissions.

Please note that our theme for next year’s event and competition will remain Longing for Home/Heimwee. Poets will now have a year to write poems not only for the competition but also for the Poetry Festival in 2025. No Poetry In McGregor Competition will take place in 2024. Our Festival Coordinator will be in touch with all poets who have been in contact regarding submitting poems to the competition.

Please send any questions you may have to


Billy Kennedy and the Poetry In McGregor Committee.