Each Festival is celebrated with its own dedicated anthology and is launched the following year. It contains the words of poets on the main programme and many from the open-mic sessions.

The poems included in each anthology are eligible for an Award; and an Acclaim is bestowed on someone who has contributed to the overall enhancement of poetry.

The 2018 Award (granted in 2019) was shared between four poets and the Acclaim between two:


Patricia Schonstein Poetry in McGregor Award

Joint Winner 2018 Jacques Coetzee for his poem Table of Elements

Joint Winner 2018 Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa for her poem Song

Joint Winner 2018 Eduard Burle for his poem Listen

Joint Winner 2018 Susan Woodward for her poem I thought it was you

Patricia Schonstein Poetry in McGregor Acclaim

Joint Acclaim 2018 Stephen Watson (1954-2011)

For his poetic verions of the /Xam oral testaments collated by Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd; and for his contribution to the South African canon as a poet and essayist

Joint Acclaim 2018 Colleen Higgs

For publishing collections by forty-one southern African women poets between 2007 and 2018 under her imprint Modjaji Books