In this our seventh year, our committee faces many challenges. As you are no doubt aware funding for the Arts in our country is dwindling. Government sponsorship is now being directed to pressing social needs. The Arts and Animal welfare are no longer priorities. Corporate companies are also under pressure to direct sponsorship to social causes if not to sport as a community building and marketing initiative. While we are registered as a Non-Profit Organisation, we unfortunately, in spite of so many attempts, cannot obtain the illusive Section 18A which entices companies to sponsor events such as ours.

We are also aware that with the economy under pressure, individuals can no longer afford to give of their time voluntarily, and understandably require reimbursement for their time and energy. Given all of the above we were faced with a difficult decision. Do we keep the flag flying or call it a day?

As chairman I am deeply aware that our Festival was initiated and supported by the shared heart of poets and poetry lovers. I am not one for throwing in the towel too readily. Challenges can be opportunities. Some of our members feel the same way and are committed to do our very best to support and to sustain our vision of an annual happy gathering of poets and poetry lovers. But we will need your support too. For this reason we are offering certain proposals.


The Heart of the Moon

The last seven years exemplified SUN energy, the bold and active force essential to turn a vision into reality. Now, due to circumstances – neither necessarily good nor bad – we are hoping to move the Festival into a deepening intimacy. More trusting and surrendering.

The moon is a feminine symbol reminding us to connect and live in harmony with cycles. By connecting to and trusting these cycles we can better understand ourselves and our motivations. Each cycle has its own benefits and gifts which we can use to gain more knowledge and wisdom.

Poetry in McGregor 2019

It is our intention to celebrate and deepen what we have – a happy gathering of poets and poetry lovers in a relaxed and welcoming ambience. In order to harness our resources we propose that we cut back on the number of venues we offer and focus rather on drawing bigger crowds to selected events. We have received feedback that the venues are too far apart and that audiences waste time moving between them.

We envisage the following presentations

  • If poets have a new body of work they are welcome to read their poetry with one or two other poets with a similar intention. Poets are invited, if possible, to team up with one or two of their associates or companions
  • If you are a published poet and wish to present some of your poetry you would be welcome to join other poets in your event. Each poet could have 10 – 15 minutes. Our committee could place you with these poets or you have the option of putting your own group together.
  • Should you not have a substantial body of work but would like to read 5 or 6 poems, we would place you with other poets who would like this opportunity.
  • You are welcome to arrange discussion groups with other poets. This was a huge success last year.
  • If you want to come along and just read a poem or two, we will have an OPEN MIC option.
  • Should you wish to offer a presentation requiring audio visual material we request that you undertake to personally ensure the smooth running of your event.


Due to our challenges regarding sponsorship we are asking poets to take care of their own accommodation. We will however be offering a wide range of accommodation some of it very affordable. This list will be available by the end of April 2019. In the meanwhile you are welcome to book at your favourite establishments or see our McGregor Tourism website


We will not be issuing tickets this year to facilitate the Computicket challenges. Instead poets and lovers of poetry will purchase a ticket for R100 a day which will allow entrance into any of the presentations. This ticket cost will hopefully cover our expenses and ensure that our fabulous annual anthology continues. If poets are able they may also contribute by donation to this important initiative.


Please email your Submission to by the 31st of May

You will be notified of our programme by the 30th of June.

In the sad event that we do not win support by not receiving sufficient submissions for our worthwhile enterprise, our committee will make the decision whether to proceed or not with the Poetry in McGregor 2019 weekend.  Poets who have submitted a proposal will be notified one way or the other by the 15th of July2019.


The theme of this year’s poetry writing competition is The Heart of The Moon. This competition is open to everyone (published and unpublished poets) but only one entry per person will be permitted. Poems should be not exceed 24 lines and may be in English or Afrikaans. The closing date for entries is the 30th June 2019. Finalists will be informed by the 31st of July to give time to attend the prize giving if you wish to (this is optional but finalists who are able to attend will be given free entry to all events). The winners will be announced during the Poetry in McGregor Weekend (23 to 25 August) and the winning poems read by an accomplished poet. The winning poems may be included in the 2019 Poetry in McGregor anthology. Entries must be emailed to or hand delivered to Temenos. Please note that there will be no correspondence entered into whatsoever and receipt of entries will not be acknowledged.

Entries are invited in 2 categories as follows:

  1. Junior Category for children and teenagers under the age of 18. There will be a first prize of R2500 and a runner-up prize of R500.
  2. Adult Category – entrants must be over the age of 18. Prizes will be awarded as follows: First prize – R5000; runner-up – R2500 and highly commended – R500.

Details to be included:


Contact details

ID Number

Category selected

I remain very optimistic that poets will support us in our endeavour to keep the flag flying for Poetry in our country.

Let us unite in rising to the challenges and ensuring that our heart-warming gathering not only continues but flourishes.

I look very forward to welcoming you back in August.

Billy Kennedy