2022 Youth Program

The aim of the Youth Program under the auspices of the MAC Project is to bring arts programming to school-age youth who normally would be able to attend the Poetry Festival or be exposed to arts programming. The 2022 Youth Program at Poetry in McGregor included art, photography and poetry workshops held before and during the festival. .

In 2022, the Youth Program at Poetry in McGregor comprised of five programs and reached 90 youth from Grades 1 to 12 from McGregor Fountain Waldorf School, McGregor Primary School, and McGregor College. The program engaged local artists and young adults in the McGregor and Roberston community and could not have happened without the support of the teachers at McGregor Primary, McGregor Fountain School and McGregor College.

The 2022 program included:

Poetry and photography workshop.

Waldorf Fountain School Grades and McGregor Primary Grades 4,5,6

Artists: Gwendolyn Meyer, Dorian Haarhof

Performing the poem: Amazwi

McGregor College Grades 9 to 12

Artist: Amazwi, National Literary Heritage Institution

Poet-tree art installation

Waldorf Fountain School Grades 1,2.

Breede Centre youth program

Teachers: Grethe, Katleen

Haiku Poetry in schools (Afrikaans)

McGregor College Grade 9

Artist: Francois Tredoux

Venue Hosts

McGregor College Grade 12

Sponsored as venue hosts for the weekend

In Gratitude From Poetry In McGregor