The Mac Project logo was designed by Edna Fourie and Ewan van Wyk. We are thrilled with the final design – the result of much brainstorming by Edna and Ewan who were inspired as follows:

The most important aspect was to turn the ‘almost indigestably long worded title’ into something people could relate to and REMEMBER.  This was achieved by breaking up the initials to form ‘ MACproject’ –  one can actually pronounce it. Adding the ‘the’ brought in a sense of ownership, a dash of cheekiness, hipness  and a young energy. The MAC also resonates with the Mc of McGregor, which makes it relevant and not just quirky for quirky’s sake.

Working with letters, only, as a logo [without the use of a symbol such as a tree for example] makes it essential to try and create an emotional connection with the public in some way. The colour, introduced through a triangle and circle, makes the logo instantly recognisable. It also suggests  creativity and adds emotion. The triangle of course refers to an easle[creativity]. The orange circle reminds one of the way small children paint the sun – which is a symbol of hope. The blue of the ‘the’ functions like an exclamation mark. It is not a mac project. It is THE… MAC project.

Have a look at The MAC project page at the following link