Apologies for the delay in the announcement of the finalists for this year’s competition. The closing date for entries was extended for a few weeks to accommodate teachers who, due to Lockdown,  needed more time to inspire their students to write. We are looking forward to welcoming the finalists to our award ceremony at 10h00 on Saturday the 7th of November 2020 in McGregor.

The finalists are as follows:

Adult Category

  • Lynthia Julius  for the poem “Social Distance”
  • Anthea Garman for the poem “When I get out I will”
  • John Ellis for the poem “Cruise Ship”
  • Pamela Williams for the poem “Isolation”
  • Adre Marshall for the poem “Remembering”
  • Christine Coates for the poem “Lockdown Bridge”
  • Adre Van Lill for the poem “Ek wil”
  • Pamela Vale for the poem “When I get out”
  • Ian McCallum for the poem “An unfamiliar Silence”
  • Abu Bakr Solomons for the poem “The flesh of words”
  • Sue Woodward for the poem “The Eyes have it”
  • Risha Lotter for the poem “Isolation”
  • Gilian Rennie for the poem “Ever After”
  • Jeanne McKean for the poem “Hard Lockdown”

School Category

  • Zindi Van Zyl for her poem “Asblikkinners”
  • Rozadin Fortuin for the poem “The Covid Test”
  • Achumile Ntabeni for the poem “LOCKDOWN”
  • Shibi Phiri for the poem “Huh! What’s to love in the time of Covid..?”


Thanks once again to everyone who participated!