POETRY IN McGregor is happy to announce our prize-winners for the Magdala Awards which we initiated last year alongside our Poetry Competition Awards. We are very grateful to Vivian Claire for again sponsoring the awards, given the challenging times so many of us face.

The Magdala Awards highlight poetry as a creative practice that awakens the Poet. In the process of writing, poets connect with their true nature,  open an inner eye to see what is real, and speak from their deepest ground of  belonging. Through the –Magdala Awards we remind ourselves that the  journey of maturing as poets is also a beautiful pathway of evolving as human beings. The widest purpose of all is to nurture the traditional role of poets as Wisdom Keepers.

Awards will be given out on Saturday the 7th of November at 10h00 at Temenos in McGregor during our Prize giving Ceremony.

Finalists for the Magdala Awards: 

Seamus Wilson

Gillian Rennie

Ghaireyah Fredericks

Juanita Marks-Bayman