Poetry in McGregor 2019 Visual Poetry Programme (for a selected group of local children)

Theme: The Heart of the Moon / Exploring the Poetry of Image

Aims and Objectives:

The heart of the moon – A photography workshop.

In this workshop students will explore ideas of the visual language, in words and the image using the camera phone photography. Guided by a facilitator, students will expand their understanding of photography within a basic skills training four day program. Technical aspects of photography such as light, focus and frame will be practiced. Students will be exposed to the principles and characteristics of photography through the work of contemporary photographers. Understanding how photography is used as a tool in communication will be a developed as a skill. The theme of the workshop is the ‘heart of the moon, visual poetry. Photos taken during this workshop will be printed and paired with poems written by other local children and exhibited at Temenos during the annual Poetry in McGregor 2019 Festival weekend (23 to 25 August 2019). A booklet of these photos and poems will be compiled.

The sponsor for this school programme / project is Graham Beck Enterprises.

Facilitator: Gwendolyn Meyer

Gwendolyn Meyer is a photographer and photography teacher. She has been facilitating photography workshops since 2014 in South Africa and previously taught photography as an artist in schools for nine years in California. Her work is at gwendolynmeyeyer.com, and @likethelemon.

Dates and times:

  • Monday 12th (2 – 5pm). The moon rises at 3.30pm;
  • Tuesday 13th (2 – 5pm) ; Moon rise at 4.30pm;
  • Wednesday 14th (2-5pm) Moon rises at 5.20pm and
  • Thursday 15th (5 – 7pm) of August 2019. FULL MOON rises at 6.20pm – weather permitting we will have a picnic outside watching the moon rise

Workshop Venue: The McGregor Public Library.

Exhibition Venue: Temenos


  • McGregor Primer Skool – 6 children (between the ages of 11 and 15 years) and 1 teacher
  • The McGregor (Waldorf) School – 6 children (between the ages of 11 and 15 years) and 1 teacher