Last Friday, 25th August, the Schools’ Programme for the Poetry in McGregor weekend was held in the NG Kerk in McGregor. Approximately 700 schoolchildren from schools in our area descended on the village for a morning of entertainment. The children are mainly primary schoolers, and the event is a rare opportunity for them to experience this kind of fun. The first act was an Afrikaans rap duo from Cape Town , called Afrikaans Ruk! And boy, did they Ruk! Their energetic performance certainly sent seismic waves through the church grounds, and the children loved every minute of it.

A short break followed, and the children were each provided with an individually wrapped lucky packet of food and drink. The packets were lovingly prepared by local caterers Ronel and Anthony, assisted by Sasha, and were delightful.

After the break they returned to the church for a performance by The Ha! Man. He is an amazing musician who took them through a wonderful array of his musical versatility. Children joined him on stage to help create the music, and the audience loved the presentation.

Finally it was time to go home. The Farm School children piled onto their buses and the town’s children headed off, happy and excited. I am sure that they will remember this memorable morning for some time to come.

Thanks to the staff and children for their support, and to our main sponsor Graham Beck, for their continued financial support. A big thank you to Sonja from the NGK Gemeente for their willingness to let us have the venue. It is very much appreciated.

David Magner

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